Mental Health Counselor Staff

The Moss Group has a highly experienced group of psychologists, mental health counselors and psychiatrists who have a broad range of specialties and areas of expertise. Know that finding the right “match” is crucial in choosing a therapist. Review the staff below or allow us to help match you with whom we believe would be the best fit for your situation. Serving children, teens and adults, we can meet your or your child’s treatment needs. Let us help you (or your child) become your healthiest self.

Dr. Stephen Moss

Dr. Stephen B. Moss, PhD


I thoroughly enjoy providing friendly, down-to-earth, and goal-focused counseling. Using forthrightness, knowledge, humor and hope, my connections to my clients is deep, committed and 24/7. No matter how badly mental health, addiction, family trauma, or various life circumstances have trapped individuals or couples in a dark place, I firmly believe that recovery and health is almost always attainable. We as a profession have the tools it takes to help people address their issues and find their paths to their “healthiest self.” Being part of this process makes my clinical work a true joy. As a senior psychologist, I am comfortable treating most mental health disorders and all addictive disorders. Professionally, I have also consulted to the federal government, state governments, and published several books and articles.

Whom I Treat

I have substantial expertise and a passion for treating all addictive disorders. This is surely rooted in my sister’s long-ago struggle with and ultimate death from heroin addiction. Recovery is always possible; act now to get help! More specifically, I treat adults and teens with alcohol problems, opiate addiction, marijuana dependence, and any other drug addiction. Additionally, I treat sexual addiction, compulsive gambling, videogame addiction, and most other behavioral addictions.

I also specialize in providing marriage and couples counseling, and also working with teen and young males “in trouble. With couples, I generally focus on building trust with both partners; improving communication skills; building conflict resolution capabilities; enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy; and helping couples recover from recently discovered addiction or infidelity. With male teens and young adults, I strive to build trust, address untreated mental health or substance abuse problems, improve family relations, build motivation for improving life success, and improve their motivation to become their “healthiest self.

More generally, being a clinical psychologist with decades of experience, I very much enjoy and am highly competent flexibly helping most adults and teens understand and treat their depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, or other mental health or life disorders.


Professionally, I’ve had a highly diverse career. Along with decades of counseling experience, I directed statewide services in Massachusetts, provided consultation to the federal government and all 50 states, and wrote a handful of influential health policy books. I am now fortunate to own and manage a mental health group practice, the Moss Group, that helps hundreds of children and adults on an ongoing basis.

My Offer To You

No matter how dire your circumstances, change, recovery, and health is possible. You are not alone; know that you can get help. Allow me to help you “become your healthiest self.”

Katherine Davis

Katherine Davis, RN, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

Pediatric Psychiatry

I provide psychiatric medication evaluation, treatment and management for children and adolescents.

Whom I Treat

I treat children and adolescents who are clinically appropriate for a freestanding mental health practice


I have twelve years of experience in pediatric psychiatry. I am licensed as a Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. I received my Master of Science in Nursing from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2010. I have previous work experience at the world-renowned McLean Hospital as well as other private behavioral health practice settings.

Access to Medication Treatment

If you are interested in Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Medication Services, please call (978) 835-5000 and follow the prompts.

Dr. Kelly Dvorin

Dr. Kelly Dvorin, PsyD


I treat each client as a unique individual, and bring warmth, curiosity and understanding when helping my clients creatively and collaboratively address their problems. I will help you build a deeper and more honest self-awareness regarding your situation and help you learn new skills to more effectively cope with your particular set of challenges. With a deep passion for helping people build more satisfying, healthy and fulfilling lives, I will make your psychotherapy a safe and productive experience. My non-judgmental, evidence-based and strengths-oriented approach will help you achieve your chosen goals and move closer to becoming your “healthiest self.”

Whom I Treat

I immensely enjoy working with children, tweens, adolescents, adults and families and have substantial experience treating a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues.


I immensely enjoy working with children, tweens, adolescents, adults and families and have substantial experience treating a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. My work in varied settings, including schools, hospitals, and clinic settings, will enable me to more fully understand your presenting concerns and tailor treatment to best meet your individual needs.

My Offer To You

I will integrate your care with relevant family, school and community resources. My work is particularly sensitive to developmentally based challenges and stages. Whatever your situation, life stage or issues, I will help you explore positive and healthy life possibilities and develop the tools you need to successfully create the next chapter of your life.

Angela Frank

Angela Frank, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker —NO NEW CLIENTS

Anxiety, depression, social pressures, and other challenges can affect your children just as profoundly as adults. I have expertise in working with preschool through high school-aged children and their families. I also focus on helping adults seeking help to build a healthier and more balanced life. Using a strength-based approach, I help my clients win their battles against depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction, as well as relationship, behavioral, and school issues. We will identify what concerns are negatively influencing your quality of life, define your desired outcomes, and achieve your goals through positive, client-centered therapy.


With a specific expertise in treating children and teens, I expand the work to include parenting guidance and school involvement. I very much enjoy helping young men and women become their healthiest self by identifying and managing the challenges that most inhibit their growth and wellness.

My Offer To You

Allow me to help you begin living a healthier life now by reaching out for help to deal with the most difficult issues you face in your current life. I will build a safe, but challenging therapeutic environment to help you focus attention on the most key barriers to your overall health and well being.

Amber Haines

Amber Haines, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Worried about your child’s/adolescent’s mood or behavior? Not sure where to begin? Looking for additional support and a professional’s opinion? As a child/adolescent therapist, I can help your child find their health and happiness. I am a warm, positive, and approachable child/adolescent therapist who is passionate about helping youth find their way to a healthier self. I will individualize my treatment of your child/teen and work together to best meet their unique needs. I believe that all youth, including yours, are ultimately resilient and have the capacity to build a happy, healthy, and successful life.


I have extensive experience providing collaborative treatment to children and adolescents, both in the community and school settings. I will work closely with your child to work with their strengths and address their challenges. We will build a set of achievable goals and focus on building a happier, healthier, and successful lifestyle.

My Promise To You

We will identify key problems and work together for solutions. We will create a safe and secure relationship where we can explore relationships, vulnerabilities and concerns. We will utilize your natural abilities and learn healthier coping skills to manage emotions. We will strengthen your life resources and supports.

Mental Health Counselor Staff - Colleen Strong

Colleen Strong, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

A highly-skilled, compassionate, and engaging professional, I will provide you with exceptional care and work with you to effectively address the issues which bring you to treatment. My personality, combined varied work experience, will ensure that you will have a safe and comfortable environment to explore and address the challenges in front of you.

Whom I Treat

I have specific expertise treating children and teens (ages 3 and up), including the treatment of depression, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, divorce-related stress, and a range of life/school behavioral issues. If treating your child, I will work closely and collaboratively with you, the school, your pediatrician and others involved in your child’s care.

I also enjoy and have high competence treating those with drug or alcohol problems, including those struggling with alcohol, opiates, cannabis and other drugs. First, it is essential that we establish trust and build upon your base level of motivation. I will ensure we decide together your best and most wise course of action, be it some combination outpatient counseling, detoxification, connection with a Suboxone/Vivitrol provider, engagement in community support (e.g., AA/NA/Smart Recovery.) In sum, I will do within my power to help you build your road to a stable and enduring recovery.

For those young and mature adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar, or other mental health issues; relationship challenges or stresses; pregnancy loss; marital health; or more general life management challenges, I have had much experience and joy working with folks with these issues. I can promise you I will closely work with you to successfully address your depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, or any other related issues.

And if you are experiencing domestic abuse, domestic violence, or other related issues, challenges, I have extensive experience helping here and I will help you build the strength and capacity to build your motivation for health, assess your options, and then implement a plan to deal successfully deal with these challenges. If struggling with LGBT-related issues, bisexuality stress, transgender stress, coming- out stress, or other related stressors, allow me to help work with to address these challenges and find our road to greater health.


With over a decade of experience in a variety of clinical settings, I have worked in hospitals, community clinics, outpatient counseling programs, etc. This broad experience has helped me develop a broad base of clinical skills and allows me to competently serve different ages and those with diverse clinical issues.

My Offer To You

I am a highly motivated, highly-skilled, and compassionate professional dedicated to providing exceptional care. My goal is to create a safe and collaborative environment where you can build the clarity, insight, and inner strengths you need to help you successfully address the issue that very well may require professional treatment. Ultimately, I will work with you to help you (or your child) to become your “healthiest self.”

Dr. Michele Waldron

Dr. Michele Waldron, PsyD


Are you struggling with addiction (i.e., drugs, sex, alcohol), depression, anxiety, legal troubles, social challenges, or other unhealthy patterns of behavior? I will bring insight, patience, compassion, and goal-orientation to my work with you. We will work together to make your life feel more satisfying, manageable and healthy. And we will work at your pace and build on your strengths. I will flexibly help you achieve your unique goals and any aspirations you have to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I assure you that you will feel comfortable and safe in my office. In sum, you no longer will have to face your difficulties or challenges alone!


My experience working in prisons, community health centers, and group homes enables me to confidently treat extremely challenging and complex situations. In addition to treating virtually all alcohol and drug addictions, I also have expertise in treating sexual addiction and other problematic sexual behaviors. For those with court, school or other requested substance abuse evaluations, I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC-1) and can conduct an official substance abuse assessment for you.

My Offer To You

If you have an alcohol, drug, or sexual addiction, I can help you. As a mother, I also have much empathy and experience helping folks meet the challenges of balancing work, parenting, your marriage, and yourself. Clinically, I have expertise in using a simplified and state of the art version of DBT called the Skills System (and will soon be publishing a book in this area). This approach, created for all learning styles, will effectively help you change your negative thinking patterns, stop unhealthy behaviors, and end other self-sabotaging life patterns. For your convenience, I provide most of my services in the evening.

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