Causes of Addiction

Addiction is as old as the ages. An addiction to alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors can sneak up on a person when they least expect it. It often begins innocently. One might be trying to relieve the stress of everyday life; trying something new; going along with the crowd; trying to get to sleep; trying to stay up for a test paper; trying to feel better; trying to do better, etc. Before one knows it, they’re turning to the drug, alcohol or compulsive behavior as a way of coping with negative feelings, stressors, and other aspects of their lives. Efforts to scale back or to stop altogether then become difficult or next-to-impossible. They are now trapped in the hell of addiction. Numerous factors can contribute to a particular person’s addictive vulnerability. These include biology (untreated mental health issue, “brain rewiring”), socio-economic class., social environment, genetics, stress, etc.

Addiction Treatment works; give it a chance!

Addiction has devastating effects on the health and quality of one’s life, and tremendous impacts on societal health. It is absolutely treatable, so do not let any outdated stigma about addiction issues, mental health issues, or treatment issues get in your way. Treatment works, so don’t delay in obtaining substance abuse counselor services. Begin to build your path to your healthiest self today!

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