Prevalence Rates of Alcohol, Drug or Behavioral Addictions

Prevalence of Adult Alcohol Problems

  • About 37% drink non-problematically and are low risk for overuse or medical consequences.
  • About 28% drink at heavy or at-risk levels (e.g., amount, frequency, speed of intake).
    • Over 25% engage in binge drinking (e.g., 4-5 drinks or more in 2hrs or less) on a monthly basis.
    • About 7% engage in heavy alcohol use (e.g., binge drinking 5 or more days a month).
  • Overall, about 10% are diagnosed with alcohol abuse/dependence, with 4% are alcohol dependent.
  • Nearly a third of drinkers are “heavy/at risk” drinkers, vulnerable to addiction and/or medical consequences.
  • About 10% of American adults consider themselves to be in recovery from alcohol, opioids, or other drugs.

Prevalence of Adult Drug Addictions

Opioids 5%
Cocaine/Crack 5%
Hallucinogens 2%/month
Cannabis 10% casual use
  3% psychological dependence
Nicotine 15% currently smoke
Other Drugs 2-4%

Prevalence of Adult Compulsive Behavioral Addictions

Compulsive Shopping/Spending 6%
Compulsive Gambling 2%
Compulsive Sex 3%
Compulsive Love 3%
Compulsive Internet 2%
Compulsive/Pathological Lying .1%
Compulsive Video Games 10% of youth gamers (ages 8-18)
Compulsive Work/Workaholic 10%
Compulsive Eating 2%
Compulsive Exercise 3%

Overall prevalence of alcohol, drug, or behavioral addiction

Estimated to be about forty-seven percent (47%) of the adult population.

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