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Depression is a medical condition that affects how you feel, think, and act. If left untreated, depression can greatly affect your family and personal relationships, work and school, sleeping and eating habits, and your overall health. However, know that depression treatment is very effective, and when treated properly, most people’s depression can be minimized or eliminated. Effective depression help is a just a phone call away.


  • Depression is one of the most common and treatable mental health disorders.
  • Nearly 10 percent of Americans have depression in a given year.
  • Most people can benefit from depression treatment and return to their normal feelings and activities.


  • Little interest or pleasure in doing things? Y N
  • Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless? Y N

If you mark yes to either question, click here to screen yourself for mild, moderate, or severe depression.


A combination of family genetic history and stressful life events can cause depression. Mental health problems very often run down the family tree. The closer the blood relative, the higher the probability. With depressive vulnerability, stressful lifestyles or life events can exacerbate the depression.


The three main treatments for depression are self-management, counseling, and medication.

Self-Management of Depression: Wise lifestyle management can help manage depressive symptoms. Regular exercise, time with loved ones, a regular sleep schedule, avoidance of alcohol and cannabis, and healthy eating can all be helpful in the self-management of depression. While this type of self-managed depression help can be helpful to most who suffer from depression, it is most effective with those with more mild depressive vulnerabilities.

Counseling for Depression: Depression therapy provided by licensed mental health counselors and psychologist can provide safe, support, and helpful counseling to help you better understand and manage your depression. Counseling sessions will generally focus on your current concerns and effective ways to treat them, not on your childhood or other unrelated issues. To find a counselor to provide depression therapy, either ask your primary care provider or click here to learn about Moss Group therapists.

Medication for Depression: The severity of one’s depression will in large part determine the type of depression treatment provided. With moderate to severe depression, prescription medication is often needed to effectively treat depression: it can often be helpful and sometimes transformational. However, you must be patient because everyone reacts differently to medication; it may take time to find the one that works best for you. Antidepressant medications:

  • Only work if they are taken every day
  • Are not habit-forming or addictive
  • Often take a bit of time to work
  • Must be taken even after you begin to feel better
  • May sometimes have mild side effects, which usually improve with time; if not, the medication will be changed.
  • Should not be stopped abruptly; talk to your provider before ever stopping your medication

To obtain psychiatric services at the Moss Group, one must first meet with a counselor. This counselor, who will have expertise in counseling for depression, will assess you and refer you to psychiatry if clinically appropriate.


In sum, depression can have devastating effects on the health and quality of your life. It is absolutely treatable, so do not let any stigma about mental health services get in your way. Depression treatment works, so don’t delay in obtaining services. Begin to build your path to your healthiest self today!

Depression Treatment, Bedford MA


Depression Treatment

Depression Therapy

Depression Help

Treatment works; give it a chance!

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