Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Moss has developed this list of most frequently asked questions, and brief answers to these questions are found below. Examples of questions are: “Interview a therapist? Hours? Fees? Emergencies?” Whatever your question, we want to answer it fully. This listing is a start; please see if you can find an answer to your question. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, or you require more detailed information, please call (978) 835-5000 or email Treatment works! I look forward to serving you.

What insurances do you accept for Mental Health Services?

We accept most commercial insurances, but do not accept Medicare, Mass Health, or MassHealth Connector insurance.

Can I “interview” a therapist before I decide to meet with them for a first meeting?

Choosing the most appropriate mental health therapist to help you deal with your particular set of issues is very important. If you would like to conduct a free phone interview with one our therapists, please contact the therapist and schedule a time.

What information do I need to verify with my health insurer before my first session?

Just provide the office with a printed or scanned copy of your insurance card or the key insurance information. Our office staff will do all the work determining your insurance status in terms of coverage, copays, authorized services, etc.

How long do I have to wait before I can meet a therapist for the first meeting?

We are deeply committed to meeting new clients ASAP, and will usually try to schedule your first mental health meeting within a few days to a week of the initial contact.

If you do not take my insurance, can I still obtain treatment?

Insurances companies vary substantially in how they pay for “out of network” mental health services. Our office staff will contact your insurer directly to determine their “out of network” policy. Self-pay is another option used by many.

Do you offer Skype Sessions?

Yes. Feel free to contact one of our clinicians to explore whether or not Skype-based treatment might work for you. However, be aware Skype based mental health treatment is not currently covered by insurance and would thus be self-pay.

Do you offer weekend, early morning, and/or evening appointments?

Yes, but our therapists differ in terms of their normal treatment schedule. As a practice, we offer meantal health services all weekdays, most evenings of the week, and in the early morning (e.g., 6:15 am). We also now offer child-adolescent and related family mental health counseling on Saturdays.

What are your self-pay fees, and do you have a sliding scale fee?

We have standard self-pay fees that vary by professional discipline; contact our office directly if you wish to know those fees. You may also choose to self-pay for your mental health services if we are not contracted with your insurance, if you are seeking “maximum confidentiality,” or you simply want to avoid the numerous insurance-related restrictions. Whatever the case, if interested in self-pay, we will help you obtain “out of network” benefits if available from your insurance company. Additionally, we are able to offer reduced-fee self-pay services to those with those struggling with demonstrable financial hardship.

What if I don’t “connect” well with the therapist I meet?

Mental health therapy involves a counseling process where the quality of the “match” with the therapist is crucial. In general, you should feel comfortable with and confident in the skills of your therapist within the first few meetings. If not, we recommend that you bring your concerns directly to the therapist and see if that results in an improved experience, or alternatively request a transfer through the front desk.

How long are treatment sessions?

The duration of mental health counseling sessions that are insurance determined are generally 45 minutes. Adult psychiatry sessions are usually about 10-15 minutes, but can vary substantially based on clinical need. Child psychiatry sessions are usually in the 20-30 minute range.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, health cards, and most credit/debit cards.

What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

Our phone message system allows you to place a call to our emergency backup emergency clinician if, for any reason, your therapist cannot be reached. If your situation is truly urgent, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

What is your cancellation policy?

You are free to cancel or reschedule any appointment regardless of circumstances as long as you give us at least 24 hours notice. However, be aware that there is a non-negotiable $80 administrative fee for late cancellations or “no shows.”

Will my therapist keep everything I tell them confidential?

Most simply, you have complete confidentiality when you tell your therapist virtually anything. There are of course some exceptions (e.g., imminent danger to self or others, being a minor). If you have concerns, please share them with your therapist for clarification.

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