The Moss Group: Mental Health Therapists, Bedford, MA

A Word From Our Founder

I established the Moss Group in 2013 in order to build a state of the art mental health practice. My mission was four-fold:

  1. Build a comprehensive, evidence-based range of mental health, addiction treatment, and psychiatric treatment services
  2. Maintain a warm, comfortable and inviting waiting room environment for our clients
  3. Nurture collaborative relationships with primary care physicians, school counselors, and other relevant providers
  4. Educate the public about the crucial need to both identify and treat mental health and addiction problems

These four missions are all designed to help you “Become Your Healthiest Self. ” This phrase, our Moss Group tagline, captures our belief that our overall mission is to help those we serve emerge from our care healthier than they have ever been in their life. I can say without reservation that we have the professional joy of seeing this occur day in and day out; it is truly what makes our business worth doing. Fortunately, I can share that we are well on our way to accomplishing these four missions; below is a summary of our current status.

Services: We currently have about a dozen psychologists, masters-level therapists, and psychiatrists who collectively provide a full range of mental health, addiction, and psychiatric treatment services to children, teens and adults. Our two “best in class” psychopharmacologists provide expert psychiatric treatment services to children, teens and adults. Overall, we are truly fortunate to have a very warm, dedicated and talented team of mental health professionals.

Office Environment: Our super-friendly front desk staff, supported by warm furnishings and diverse “client treats,” create an informality, warmth and comfort in our waiting room that I believe is second to none. I can virtually guarantee you will be comfortable the moment you enter our practice.

PCP/School Coordination: We aim to set the standard in coordinating our mental health services with our PCP and school partners in a way that optimizes outcomes.

Public Education: We are continually updating our website capacity to more effectively educate the public about the crucial need to identify and treat their mental health, addiction and psychiatric PROBLEMS. We hope that this, combined with numerous related activities, will substantially improve the public’s understanding of mental health and addictive problems and the fact that treatment works!

In sum, I could not be more proud of the practice we have built, the warm waiting room environment we have nurtured, and the wide range of mental health services we provide. I encourage you to allow us to help you (or a loved one) become the person you know you can be and build the life you want to live.

Most Sincerely,
Stephen B. Moss PhD
Owner/Director of the Moss Group

Treatment works; give it a chance!

Call us at 978-835-5000 or email us at the form below to allow us to help you become your “healthiest self.”

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